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Gosh I feel so sad and I can’t sleep. One of my friends is moving back to the other side of the world and there is a huge time gap so keeping in touch will be so hard… She’s leaving Sunday and I really want to hang out with her one last time… Ugh I feel so down. When she first told me she was gunna go to Pakistan I thought it would be for a few weeks, but today she told me she would be gone for about two years… Like it’s such a weird feeling. I’m so used to being with her a lot; uni, work, or just texting and stuff. So this is so weird for me… But I feel bad since she’s going by herself, like it makes me cry that she won’t see her little brother for so long, like I can’t ok.



"what’s the worst that could happen? I’ll be TOO cool?" I say as I strap the rocket blasters to my heelys

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when the supporting cast is more interesting than the main character of a series



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starting the boyfriend challenge

i challenge all cute boys to try and become my boyfriend in the next 24 hours

or they can just donate to me

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India replaces the Ice Bucket Challenge with the much more sustainable Rice Bucket Challenge 

After seeing the dramatic results from the Ice Bucket Challenge, Indian journalist Manju Latha Kalanidhi was compelled to start something similar, but with an Indian slant. “I felt like doing something more locally tangible. Rice is a staple here,” Kalanidhi told CNN. “We eat it every day, we can store it for months. Why not donate rice to someone who is hungry?”

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Go off x1000000

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2014 was one of those years that started out like “THIS IS GOING TO BE GREAT!!!” and its halfway through and we have a war going on, a deadly disease has been spread, countless shootings have happened, racism is alive, more people have been leaving living things inside of hot cars, and robin williams is fucking dead

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this website SAVED MY BRAIN when i was a stressed out college student who couldn’t stop flipping out long enough to prioritize. quite a few of you are still suffering through college so i hope this helps you too!! c:

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